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5 Reasons why your company needs branded merch now

It’s probably the cheerleader in me, but I have always loved uniforms, logos + branded apparel. From collecting concert tees from shows I attended as a teen (Backstreet Boys + Spice Girls 4 Lyfe!) to never leaving places like Sea World + Disneyland without a branded souvenir, looking forward to cheerleading uniform fittings each year in junior high + high school, and most recently (almost five years ago!) creating my own logo (and soon after, you guessed it ~ merch!) for Leilani Weddings,

items with insignia have always been my jam.

As I’ve grown Leilani Weddings, created my second company The Bachbox, and have developed into a coach for aspiring femalepreneurs, I have learned that I am naturally an entrepreneur + lover of all things branding + business. I am continuously fascinated with learning about the different ways I can scale my brand + make it more noticeable to clients, and enjoy sharing that knowledge with others who are building their own fabulous empires. Branded merch, with or without your actual logo on it, can not only retain new customers, but is a smart sales tactic + proven to make people remember you.for the long haul.

I partnered with TeeChip, an online platform that lets you create, discover, and sell unique + custom merchandise designs, this holiday season to share my top 5 reasons why I feel your company needs branded merch NOW.



You can oftentimes buy branded items like pens, stickers + buttons at cents per pop! These things are typically bought by the dozens, maybe by the hundreds, and because they’re so inexpensive, can practically be given out like candy. Having these items in your arsenal + circulating amongst potential clients ensures that your name + your logo will be in front of way more eyes a lot more often than say an online or print ad.

Traditional advertisements can oftentimes be very expensive, and with all of the media + information people digest every day all day, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle + quickly become an afterthought.

Something cute, small and tangible can not only grab a potential client’s attention, but have them wondering more about you.


I literally stopped giving out (and receiving) business cards almost two years ago. There were years that I attended two or three networking events each week, and the swag bags filled with stuff I just didn’t need, fliers I couldn’t wait to put in the recycling bin + business cards that ended up at the bottom of my purse didn’t make me happy after a while. You may have seen my wicker bag with the name LEILANI WEDDINGS proudly stitched in black ~ that is essentially my business card.

When I meet someone I vibe with at an event + feel that I’ll use their service or recommend them to a client in the future, I immediately follow them on Instagram or take a photo of their hat or shirt if it has their logo on it. This is way quicker, easier, and less wasteful than any business card ever was or will be.


It’s scary but true ~

20% of businesses fail within the first year + 50% of businesses fail by the end of their fifth year. There are many factors that go into this, but I can’t help but think that lack of differentiation is one of the biggest.

Although I am a big advocate of being kind to each other , when it comes to business, I’m not gonna lie ~ your girl is competitive. Standing out is the only way to make it in business ~ survival of the fittest is a thing. With so many options, so many saturated markets, and simply so many humans on this planet, when it comes to your brand, you have to do whatever it takes (within reason, morals + ethics withstanding, ha) to stand out. Having cute + fun merch like tote bags, hats + coffee mugs make your brand not only stand out, but feel instantly cooler simply because your name is physically on a product. It’s a psychological thing. Food for thought!


Your brand fonts, colors + overall aesthetic is what makes your brand immediately recognizable to a potential customer. For us, we hope that when people see a round white + turquoise logo with editorial font, they immediately think of Leilani Weddings (I’m actually really happy, and a bit surprised that I still really love our logo, five years later!). Coming up with the name Leilani Weddings was a pretty quick process, but I workshopped soooo many ideas before finally deciding on using my middle name, Leilani. I felt it stood out on its own, sounded editorial yet feminine, clean + modern yet “punchy” and I felt like the name had the potential of becoming what I always felt our brand would ultimately become: A household name.

To succeed in business, you gotta think big from the start + have a little (dare I say it) big d*ck energy from the jump. Because you got this, and ain’t nobody gonna stop you, girl.


One simple truth: People love free stuff. It’s been statistically proven that when someone gets something not only unexpected, but useful, they immediately feel a sense of pleasure. Take a look at these stats: 85% of consumers do business with a company after receiving a promotional product, while 89% of the people who received promotional products in the past 24 months remember the name of the company. These numbers alone better get you running to that computer, girl!


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