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How I stay motivated

Motivated, determined and driven have always been words I have used to describe myself. From the time I was a little girl, I have always been somewhat of an overachiever, and have always been one to not let anyone or anything stop me from following my dreams. Sometimes that meant multitasking like nobody’s business, staying up later than my friends to read another chapter or write another poem, or do some extra credit homework - sometimes it even meant bending the rules justtt a little.

Not much has changed now that I am an almost 30-year-old business owner, and to be honest with you, the excitement to stay motivated and driven is getting sronger as I can see my company and my brand grow.

As cheesy as it sounds, I truly am a firm believer that the sky is the limit.

I oftentimes get asked how I have so much energy, and someone close to me recently told me it was because I’m such a sound sleeper (and I quote “You’re like dead when you’re asleep. Mouth open, completely surrendered. You must be in REM, like, the entire time”). There you have it, folks. Mystery solved, ha!

I’m sharing here a list of how I stay motivated. Some are serious, some are sassy, some are funny. But they are all 100% how I do it!

  1. I genuinely LOVE what I do!

  2. A solid morning routine is truly the foundation of a great day, in my opinion

  3. Coffee is a must (in the morning)

  4. Wine is a must (in the evening)

  5. Believing that I can achieve anything I put my mind to

  6. Waking up grateful every single day

  7. Reminiscing often about where I have come from, and all that I have accomplished

  8. Dreaming BIG!

  9. Celebrating the little wins

  10. To-do lists. Recently, I’ve enjoyed writing mine as one long numbered list without categories, but sometimes I do categorize them as “Clients”, “Admin”, “Social”, “Bachbox”, etc, etc.

  11. Regular massages - I have a membership with Hand and Stone and try to get two every month

  12. Yoga is soooo good for the body, mind + soul - I try to go pretty consistently, anywhere between 1-4 times every week

  13. Work-Life balance!

  14. Remembering that I make dreams come true for a living - that’s pretty damn cool

  15. FEEDBACK! When a client writes a positive review or a styled shoot we planned + designed gets picked up by a blog or someone says how inspiring my monthly newsletter is, that is seriously fuel that makes me want to keep creating + producing!

  16. Taking a break when I need to take a break

  17. Having a glass at 3pm if I feel like it #yolo

  18. Surrounding myself with people who only give off good energy. No time for bad energy!

  19. Making a vision board and looking at it regularly

  20. Checking in with myself on a regular basis to ensure I am in integrity with myself, my clients + with my business

  21. Constantly thinking about + implementing new ways of improving myself + my business

  22. Complacency is the enemy!

  23. Spontaneous social plans - I have a Disney pass so I like to go on spur of the moment trips for a few hours in the evening, or last-minute plans to go out dancing

  24. Speaking of dancing, I have LOVED music festivals + shows recently. Dancing is such a release for me

  25. Reading books written by brilliant people

  26. Knowing how much money I want to make one day, and keeping that figure in my head as a motivation at all times

  27. Daydreaming about the villa in Tulum, Mexico that I want to own one day

  28. Thinking about my future children, and wanting them to be proud of their mama

  29. Surrounding myself with things I love + creating a vibe-y environment to work from - I love decorating my apartment, I always have a candle or incense burning, and a fridge always stocked with sparkling water + red bull, and I love having stacks of magazines + books around me at all times (that sounds very hoarder-ish but I promise it’s not, ha!)

  30. Remembering + truly believing that LIFE is GOOD!

What keeps YOU motivated? Let me know in the comments, below!


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