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My 2019 Closet Staples

At some point last year, I attempted the 10-Day Capsule Wardrobe Challenge and I failed… miserably. Like I was over it on the second day, I kid you not. Maybe it’s the rebel in me, but I didn’t enjoy the limitations of only being able to choose from a select few items when building my outfit for the day, and all of the other pieces in my closet seemed to call my name each morning as I went to get dressed. Oddly enough though, as the months have progressed, I find myself reaching for the same pieces in my closet over and over and I realized that “THERE ARE SEVERAL “CLOSET STAPLES” THAT I JUST CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT, AND HAVE ALMOST BECOME PART OF MY DAILY UNIFORM.”

My style this past year and a half or so has become a lot more minimalist - old photos from my college days and even from a few years ago will pop up on Facebook from time to time and I cringe at some of the outfits I thought were cool…prints, patterns, colors - Forever 21 and H&M “fast fashion” was my JAM. Although I still love Forever 21 (you really have to scour for the good stuff, though!) I find myself reaching for more neutral pieces nowadays, and I almost never wear color.

As I approach 30 (6 more months!), I value quality over quantity, and now go for pieces that are more versatile and will last me vs. more trendy items that I’ll want to get rid of in a couple of months. Don’t get me wrong, I still love following trends (I’m obsessed that barrettes are back, fanny packs are a must when I attend music festivals, and I even have a pair of LuluLemon biker shorts that I love pairing with a blazer and a pageboy cap to name a few), but


1. High-Waisted Jeans in Standard Blue, Black + White I don’t wear jeans often, but when I do, they MUST be high-waisted. I love the flattering cut of high-waisted jeans, and the way they look with a top tucked in. Zara has the best in my opinion - affordable, great quality, and just feel great on. I have pairs in regular denim, black and white, and find myself reaching for them on rotation for date nights, brunch with girlfriends and more casual days at the office.

There’s something about topping off an outfit with a fedora/bolero/rancher style hat that automatically gives you ALL the cool-girl vibes. I now have 8 of these babies in my collection, and I absolutely love them. Whether you’re having a bad hair day or want to instantly take a simple outfit up a notch, these hats are so fun to accessorize with. At roughly $100 a pop, they aren’t the cheapest, but Australian brand, Lack of Color, has the best styles in the best quality in my opinion. If purchasing online, keep in mind they do ship from Australia, so shipping rates can be steep, but boutiques like Stitch + Feather carry them locally.

3. Quay Bottlecap Sunglasses These sunnies and I have a love-hate relationship, no joke, because this is the ONLY pair of sunglasses I have managed to lose more times that I feel comfortable sharing (LOL) at weddings over the last year. These are so great, though. From Coachella to a wedding day, they are the ultimate pair of stylish sunglasses that go well with every single outfit. Obsessed.

If you follow me on social media, you have probably seen my coveted Leilani Weddings basket bag. I love it so much! It’s from a company called Poolside Bags - you can basically have anything embroidered on one of their basket bags in any color. I have quite the collection of basket/rattan bags, purses and clutches that I will probably share with you in another blog soon.

I love big + bold statement earrings as much as the next girl (my favorite brand is Bauble Bar from Target!) but I don’t know what it is - a good hoop earring, to me, just completes an outfit. The ones I always wear are from Madewell and are more of a matte gold finish, which makes them classy and, well, not trashy (as hoop earrings can sometimes be!)

So in love with black booties that I own several pairs. Pleather, Sock, Super short, higher up, with a zipper, or studded, a black bootie (always with a heel) is the shoe I almost always grab on instinct. I love wearing them with everything from skinny jeans to sundresses, shorts to skirts.

7. Denim Jacket My love for denim jackets runs deep and strong. Paired with literally anything, a denim jacket brings a California coastal cool look to any outfit. I will typically roll up the sleeves a few inches to show my watch and bracelets or sling it over my shoulders if the weather is warmer outside.

Mine is from Topshop with silver hardware, which is honestly not my favorite feature, but the feminine style and fit makes up for it. My first one did start flaking after about a year and a half of wear (albeit, I did not take care of it as well as I could have) but I just had to get another one in the exact same style because it’s the best I have found, especially at the price point.

There’s something about an easy, white shift dress that makes me want to move to Hawaii, live in a hut made of straw on the sand, sell coconuts at a coconut stand for a living and live an easy breezy life. Although I may do that one day, for now, I like wearing mine to run errands on a Saturday or to go watch live music on a Sunday afternoon.

Tucked into skinny jeans (most likely with one of my Gucci belts, another favorite piece of mine, but I wanted to keep this list designer-free), basic v-neck tees are easy, effortless, and chic all at the same time. I advise splurging on better quality ones - they’ll last a lot longer than cheapies from Forever or H&M, and there’s just something special about wearing something so simple that’s also luxurious all at the same time.

I learned about this necklace from Lee From America and I am so glad I splurged on it! $54 for a dainty choker seems expensive, but the quality of this piece is stellar - I wear mine in the shower all of the time and it doesn’t tarnish or change color. Layered or by itself, this choker is soooo cute. Love!

12. White Nails

I have been all about white nails for nearly a year now and there is no turning back for me. There’s something so clean and chic about white nails (and toenails!) that I have completely given up any other color. I keep my nails short and the ladies at my nail salon know it now, too - white, always always!

Shoutout: For my local gals, I go to Pro Nails + Spa on Warner, it’s literally only $10 for a gel polish change! (a little more for a full manicure). They also do eyebrow waxing which I appreciate #onestopshop.

Pro Nails + Spa

8876 Warner Ave, Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Well, I basically just created my capsule wardrobe right here, haha. Honestly, though, because I love every single piece in my closet, I have cut wayyy down on shopping, and not only is it great for my bank account but it makes every piece of clothing that much more special and makes getting dressed in the morning a more mindful activity.


Share them with me in the comments below!


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