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JUDY: Emergency Preparedness for the Modern Minimalist

JUDY | The Mover Max All photos by Roan Peters

Growing up in california with a single mom, emergency preparedness was always something at top of mind. Albeit, my mom was the worrier of all worriers (god bless her soul), but we always had a plethora of extra food, water, batteries, you name it ~ more than we probably ever needed. And when Y2K hit (does everyone remember that, or am I dating myself, ha!) well, The supply just multiplied that much more.

As an aspiring minimalist, I would have loved to have a stylish + chic kit like JUDY in my home growing up to decrease clutter + condense our stash a little more, so I was thrilled when I was recently introduced to JUDY emergency kits. I’ve been living on my own (with roommates) for about 9 years now, and I’ll be honest ~ I haven’t really given much thought to emergency preparedness. However, as I get older + start thinking more about my family, kids + legacy I’m going to leave on this earth in this lifetime, these things matter more to me. I’m realizing more + more how critical safety is, so when I discovered JUDY, I knew I had to have one.

After getting my JUDY + immersing myself in knowledge on their brand values, I realize that wellness = preparedness. As an advocate of self-care in all areas ~ mind, body + spirit ~ I acknowledge that preparedness is one form of taking care of yourself. Being prepared alleviates stress, allows more time for enjoyment, is more fulfilling, and brings a sense of ease. Whether it’s packing your bags earlier for a trip (I could work on this one!), planning out your meals for the week on Sundays, or troubleshooting issues before they arise (a HUGE one for me as a wedding planner!), being prepared empowers you to do your best + maximize joy in whatever it is that you are doing.

JUDY is the perfect disaster kit. Not only is it stashed with enough essentials to support a family (or a household ~ I live with 3 other girls) for up to 72 hours, but is stocked with over 24 life-saving preparedness items, including essentials needed for warmth, safety, tools, first aid, food + water. The packing is SO cute + sleek, too, so it isn’t an eye sore in your linen closet or garage ~ you may actually want to display this out in a living room corner near a plant or hanging on a coat rack because it’s so cute.

JUDY has all of the emergency essentials that I will ever need in a disaster like an earthquake, but I also like to take her camping too. This week, I was in Yosemite for a bridal shoot, and although we stayed at an Airbnb this time around, I still brought my JUDY, just in case. We stayed indoors this time around since this was a work trip, but I go camping often. Some of my favorite places to camp so far have been Big Bear, Malibu + Lake Naciemento in San Louis Obispo, and camping back in Yosemite is something I plan to do within the next year. Other camping destinations on my list: Sedona, Yellowstone, Joshua Tree + Big Sur ~ and you better believe my JUDY kit will be going with me.

I honestly feel so much more prepared for an emergency now that I have this Kit at our home, and I’m excited that my purchase helped support a family of 8 in need.


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