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Meet our Mini Schnauzer, Neo! | The natural pet product that we love

Fun fact: I had the most interesting pets growing up. A goldfish that lived for (I kid you not) ten years, three water turtles + two cockatiels, to be exact. My mom was definitely an eccentric lady, and that showed up in many ways during my childhood, including our choice of pets. I always wanted a furry pet ~ something that I could cuddle rather than watch swim or hear chirp, but I enjoyed the exotic creatures that shared our apartment with us, finding satisfaction in knowing that one day a furry friend would be a part of my life.

I moved back in with my best friend Crystal in April (we actually met back in 2012 when we found each other as roommates) + because she’s a big pet person, I knew we would most likely end up with a dog or cat at some point (yay!) Fast-forward to October + on a whim, Crystal said she was getting a dog that weekend. We welcomed Neo, a mini schnauzer as an eight-week-old puppy + he has been such a joy to have around! He has a LOT of energy, loves to nibble my toes + is a precious little wiggle worm who brings so much happiness to the house.

As Auntie Danielle, I’ve walked Neo a few times while Crystal is at work + because we try to keep our place pretty clean, it was so nice when I discovered Dr. Brite’s Pet Pure Cleansing Wipes. We live in Los Angeles, so the streets aren’t always the cleanest, so swiping Neo’s paws with these pet wipes after a walk ensures that he won’t trek in too many germs + dirt. Crystal + I are both really conscious when it comes to only using + ingesting clean + natural products ~ food, cleaning supplies, bath + body products, makeup, etc. so it was important to have the same mentality when it came to Neo’s food + products.

Being conscious of only using products with natural ingredients not only enhances our quality of life as living organisms, but is generally more sustainable + better for the planet + environment, overall.



The replacement of harsh chemicals with responsibly chosen natural products can improve the health of your pet.


By having a healthy diet and + using natural products, your pet becomes less prone to diseases. Natural + healthy intake leads to disease-free lifespan, which not only means more years of memories with your pet, but less visits to the vet as well (which means more money saved!)


Natural ingredients are best known for getting easily absorbed resulting in shorter recovery time for your pet! Many plant based products have numerous active ingredients that provide medicinal + healing therapy.


Quality of life is enhanced by adding natural elements to our lifestyle, and the same goes for our furry friends! Many holistic ways of treatment using natural essential oils can help boost your pet’s life, and there have actually been many cases where pets have been “nursed” back to life after illness + disease by using natural plant based products instead of toxic chemicals.

Dr. Brite’s alcohol-free wipes offer a gentle cleanse, are sulfate-free, and have a fresh coconut + oat scent, which also make them a great option to wipe down his coat if he needs it, without having to give him an entire bath. The icing on the cake? They are 100% cruelty-free. Dr. Brite’s offers a ton of other natural pet products that we’re excited for Neo to try, but I definitely consider the Wellness Bundle that comes with an Oral Spray + Anti-Plaque Pen a staple. Hooray for no more funky puppy breath + clean, healthy teeth! Starting I love that we’re starting Neo off on these types of products when he’s a pup so he’s healthy from the beginning of what is going to be his long + healthy life.



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