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The laser hair removal device that I can't live without

I remember it like yesterday. I was nine years old, it was the summer before starting fifth grade at a brand new school + all I wanted was smooth legs. I remember BEGGING my mom to allow me to start shaving my legs, and would not stop whining until I got my way. I was determined + I was not giving up. This simply HAD to happen before school started in the fall.

“The hair is going to grow back faster + quicker”, she warned. “Are you sure?”

I didn’t care. I had carried around what I felt was an excess amount of hair on my legs + arms for as long as I could remember, and I wanted it GONE. So shave I did. Legs, arms, underarms ~ the whole nine yards. I remember feeling so grown up. And the growth back honestly wasn’t so bad (Mom was such a drama queen at times). Sure, I spent a few extra minutes at night getting ready for bed, but the extra 10-12 minutes in the bathtub (I took baths more often than showers back then for some reason) was SO worth it. I loved the feeling of my smooth, brown, hairless skin, and I loved the way it looked. I especially loved the way my arms felt after I shaved them. I felt so pretty + clean.

Fast-forward 16 years or so, and like so many other American women, shaving my body had become part of my hygiene routine that was second nature ~ as natural as brushing my teeth or drinking water. I honestly didn’t give it much thought + it didn’t really bother me. That is, until my friend Jenneffer introduced me to laser hair removal.

By now, I was about 25 + the hair on my arms were basically down to a slight prickle after not shaving for a few days. It was as if I had trained my body to grow less hair. After some thought (and some budgeting ~ this treatment isn’t cheap!) I purchased a package of several laser hair removal sessions to remove hair from my lower legs, bikini area + underarms.

My first session was an absolute nightmare. By this point, I had five tattoos but this sh*t hurt way more than a tattoo ever did. My skin did NOT like this treatment, Regardless, I endured treatment after treatment, reminding myself that “beauty is pain” or whatever they say. I dreaded every appointment, and even had to request the technician use soothing techniques like cooling the areas with ice before starting treatment, and tapping my skin after each laser beam. Even though each appointment lasted under 30 minutes, each time spent on that treatment bed felt like a lifetime.

By the end of my treatment sessions, I was not only grateful that it was over, but quite satisfied with the results. The pain was worth it! Not only was my hair growth down about 80%, but the hair that did grow back was less course + even lighter in color. Over time, I have seen more hair growth, and I’ll admit that it was a bit disappointing that even after all that pain + money, there is still hair growth ~ I still have to shave every other day or so if I don’t want any hair at all ~ but I try to remind myself that there is a LOT less of it to take care of, and a few swipes of my razor typically does the trick rather than a full shaving cream lather focused session.

When I discovered the Kenzzi IPL Handset I was so grateful! Not only does the Kenzzi handset allow me to remove hair with ease from the comfort of my own home, no razor needed, but the device is cute, sleek, and easy to store + travel with. And the very best part ~ it doesn’t hurt! I love that I can use my Kenzzi handset on my face, and can trust that it’ll do the job of removing pesky unwanted hairs. With 10+ years of flashes, I love that I can count on my Kenzzi handset to keep me hair-free for a very long time. The painless at home laser hair removal treatment is my kicker for me, truly ~ after enduring so many painful treatments, I was skeptical + a bit nervous about putting any other lasers on my body, but the Kenzzi IPL Handset is gentle, yet still does her job.


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