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Why 6-12 Months is the Perfect Amount of Time to Plan a Wedding

All photos are from my event with Facialworks and Scout + Molly’s Newport Beach. PC Sharon Rene Photography.

In my opinion, there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to wedding planning. One of the biggest being that you need more than a year to plan one. Well, girls, I am here to set it straight for ya - “In my personal opinion, 6-12 months is the sweet spot when it comes to planning a wedding.” This is such a time to celebrate, but with all of the appointments, browsing, decision-making, discussing, and money spent, wedding planning can quickly turn into a tailspin of discussions, opinions, and unfortunately, sometimes, even frustrations + anxieties. Luckily, your Leilani planner will swoop in + help alleviate much of this madness, but it’s important that you stay focused during this process, go with your gut, and most importantly, have FUN. After all - you’re getting MARRIED - and let’s be real...that’s really what this very lavish (and yes, admittedly, very expensive!) party is all about - to celebrate you, your boo + your one-of-a-kind love!

This amaaaazing autumnal floral piece is by the uber-talented Los Angeles Floral Couture.

Today I’m sharing 5 reasons why I feel 6-12 months is the perfect time frame when planning a wedding, and why whoever says you need more than a year to plan needs to shush + let us do our thing. ;)

  1. A shorter planning time frame will encourage you to go with your gut when making decisions.

  2. You’ll end up spending less money.

3. Your planning process will be streamlined + efficient.

4. It will help you stay focused.

5. You will literally have one of the most fun years of your life, jam-packed with celebrations!

H-T Outfit Deets: Floral Crown by Los Angeles Floral Couture, Earrings: Bauble Bar, Turtleneck: Forever 21, Denim Jacket: Scout + Molly’s Newport Beach, Jeans: Brandi Melville, Shoes: Forever 21.

Are you a bride-to-be? If so, I want to hear when + where you’re getting married! _________________________ DID YOU KNOW? I DESIGNED THE PERFECT WEDDING PLANNING TEE, JUST FOR YOU! CHECK IT OUT ON ETSY!

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