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What 2022 has taught me so far

Coming into 2022, I honestly didn't have a ton of expectations besides knowing that the year would be transformative, and even though we're only one month in - it has certainly been just that.

The past two years have been transformative in + of themselves, but I knew this year would be a year of even bigger change. Between running a budding empire, evolving into a better woman each day, taking care of myself in mind, body + spirit, staying healthy, maintaining friendships + releasing things that no longer serve me, my 30's in general have been some of the best years of my life. I know myself better than I ever have before, and my life is better than it has ever been. It's funny because this definitely doesn't mean that these years have been the easiest -- actually, at times, they've been quite the opposite. But the learning + the growing that I've been experiencing is not only invaluable, but so, so appreciated.

My character continues to build + strengthen through each milestone, stepping stone, and roadblock.

Some things 2022 has taught me so far:

I am not invincible. I am human + that is beautiful.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to let go + make peace with what is.

Simple is best.

Some doors are meant to stay closed.

I am a really good leader, and I should remind myself of that regularly.

Never say never. If you would have told me 3 years ago that I would be dating a guy 10 years younger than me who lives 5 hours away from me + be really happy and at peace in the relationship, I would have said no way. A little advice here: ALWAYS stay open-minded!

I truly love working, and my career.

Water tastes wayyyy better (and I drink a LOT more of it!) with a Hydrant electrolyte pack mixed in. (thanks for sponsoring this blog post, friends!) Use my code DANIELLE20 to try it for 20% off!

I love how my body looks + feels with a few more lbs on, lol!

There is so much power in not only knowing what your weaknesses are, but working on those weaknesses to be better.

The journey is what it's all about. Slow down + have fun!


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