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ADVICE | Ways to Love Yourself A Lil' Extra this Valentine’s Day Season

As women, we are caregivers, we are lovers, we can even be enablers and coddlers (I’m guilty of this too!). Because we are also unicorns and possess the magical powers of multitasking, we give and we give - and in my opinion, we can sometimes give too much, too often.

This Valentine’s Day, I want to encourage all of my boss babe ladies to focus on self care. Here are some of my favorite ways to show myself a little extra love. Hopefully you can use some of the same tips the next time you are feeling like you need a break.

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ADVICE | Welcome to 2019: How to stay FOCUSED + RELENTLESS on your journey to becoming the ultimate Boss Babe!

To be honest, I have never been a fan of New Year’s Resolutions.  To me, resolutions, much like diets or short-term workout regimens, are fleeting. Instead, I like to focus on goals + intentions, and reset them monthly as a way to hold myself accountable and check in on my progress each month.

Of course, I couldn’t let January come and go without an inspirational post for you babes, so here you are - a few of my top tips at the moment on how to stay focused + relentless on your journey to becoming the ultimate boss babe.

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